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RMB Consulting, LLC is a pharmacist owned company with a team of clinical and billing professionals serving the needs of Home Infusion Pharmacies. We believe that teamwork is the key to success, and that every department has a critical role to achieve that success.

We strive to create clinical and operational excellence while building a bridge to optimize all aspects of reimbursement. You can count on RMB Consultants to support all aspects of your home infusion business.

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Rose M. Ballard

Rose M. Ballard


Melissa Longwell

Melissa Longwell

Laura Mauro

Laura Mauro

Rose Ballard Rph, owner of RMB Consulting, LLC has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of home infusion pharmacy.  Beginning as a clinical home infusion pharmacist,  Rose grew to become a Pharmacy Director for an OptionCare franchise, for over a decade. 

Rose appreciates her “grass roots” training in home infusion which has led way to a successful career as an home infusion consultant.  Her consulting career began in 2016.  Since then, RMB Consulting has grown to include clinical, regulatory and billing consultants to establish a proven record of clinical and operational successes in  startup, community and hospital based home infusion pharmacies. 

Melissa Longwell, lead reimbursement manager, joined RMB Consulting, in 2018.  Melissa has extensive experience in Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurance billing.  Prior to joining RMB Consulting LLC, Melissa was a teacher, which enhances her role to provide support and training to meet our client needs.  

Melissa is responsible for the growth of our reimbursement team.  She leads our team with a goal to identify and support our client’s needs in order to optimize outcomes. 

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